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Unleash Power & Performance: Exploring the Western Star 49X and 47X Series

Explore Western Star's innovative solutions that revolutionize the landscape of vocational trucking and enhance the overall trucking experience with their 47x & 49x trucks.

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western star 47x and western star 49x trucks

Despite current market conditions around inventory, Birmingham Freightliner & Western Star strives to provide customers with the most effective vocational trucking options. In recent years, Western Star has harnessed innovative solutions to revolutionize the landscape of vocational trucking and enhance the overall vocational trucking experience. By incorporating advanced telematics systems and driver assistance technologies, the half-century old manufacturer is propelling vocational trucking into an era that prioritizes efficiency and safety, while setting a commendable standard for the industry as a whole.
We wanted to take a moment to highlight the Western Star 47X and Western Star 49X, their differences, and how their innovative features further cater to the demanding needs of the construction and heavy-haul industries. 


The Western Star 47X is known for its rugged durability and reliable performance. It boasts a robust build, making it suitable for off-road operations and challenging terrains. With a powerful engine and sturdy chassis, the 47X excels in carrying heavy loads and navigating through rough environments. Its comfortable and ergonomic cabin design also ensures a smooth and enjoyable driving experience for operators, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue during long hauls.


On the other hand, the Western Star 49X takes the brand's ruggedness to a whole new level. This model incorporates cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering, making it a highly versatile and efficient truck for various applications. The 49X offers improved fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs while still delivering impressive performance. It also comes equipped with enhanced safety features and driver-assistance systems, making it an attractive option for companies prioritizing safety and efficiency in their operations.

Western Star 47X and 49X Specifications

The Western Star 47X and 49X offer a range of performance variations tailored to suit your job requirements. Whether you need more horsepower, a shorter turn radius, or an extended sleeper cab length, these trucks provide a diverse array of options for you to choose from.
With Western Star, uptime and safety take top priority in their truck builds. The Western Star sets a new standard for safety systems in the vocational market, featuring active brake assists, lane departure warnings, and Dual Stage Intelligent LED Headlights designed to last a lifetime! Moreover, the x-series cab is crafted with aluminum and reinforced with steel to withstand the toughest and most rugged environments. This lighter, safer, and smarter design is engineered to ensure you can deliver your payload in the safest way possible.

western star truck specs

Build Your Next Western Star X-Series Truck

Whether you’re looking for the 47X or the 49X, these trucks have hundreds of customizable options to choose from to fit your exact needs. Here are just a few of our favorite standouts.


The wide selection of engines and transmissions means you can spec the right combination of PTOs – FEPTO*, REPTO and transmission-mounted PTOs – which allows you to install the equipment you need on your X-Series truck.

Air Cleaner Solutions

By choosing the optional pre-cleaner, you can effectively eliminate a significant portion of particulates from the air before it enters the primary air cleaner. This not only extends the lifespan of the filter but also prolongs the service intervals, making it ideal for off-road environments. Moreover, for situations where snow or ice might obstruct the side air intakes, optional snow doors are available, allowing the intake air to be pulled from under hood, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

western star commercial truck


We offer a boxed-in bumper option with an optional grille guard, specially designed for logging applications. For those looking to optimize packaging and meet bridge laws, we provide a bumper mounting position that shortens the BBC to 110.8 inches, ensuring compliance and efficiency.


Multiple towing device options are available, securely mounted directly to the front frame head, offering enhanced strength and durability. These towing devices come with impressive weight ratings, ranging from 80,000 to 140,000 lbs, ensuring robust towing capabilities for heavy-duty applications.



  • 25" diameter, 60-150 gallons
  • Side, fore or aft mounted
  • Fuel/hydraulic combo tanks also offered
  • 60-, 80- and 90-gallon rectangular left-hand fuel tanks with raised mounting available for belly plow applications


  • 8-, 13-, and 23-gallons
  • Mounted in the most forward position, regardless of size
western star towing options


  • Single right-hand cab-mounted vertical exhaust (standard)
  • Single right-hand mid-chassis-mounted horizontal exhaust
  • Dual cab-mounted vertical exhaust
  • Dual frame-mounted vertical exhaust
  • Back of cab, frame-mounted vertical ATS with topstack
  • Right-hand outboard under-step-mounted horizontal aftertreatment system with horizontal exhaust

Axles Configurations


  • Detroit® and Meritor – 12,000-23,000 lbs
  • Detroit® Twin Steer Tandem – 40,000 lbs


  • Detroit®, Meritor and Dana
  • Single – 21,000-30,000 lbs
  • Tandem – 40,000-60,000 lbs
  • Tridem – 69,000-78,000 lbs


  • Steer and Non-Steer – 8,000-25,000 lbs


  • AirLiner®, TufTrac, Chalmers, Hendrickson and Neway are available
  • Single – 21,000-30,000 lbs
  • Tandem – 40,000-70,000 lbs
  • Tridem – 69,000-78,000 lbs
western star commercial truck picture

So, Which Is Best?

Both the Western Star 47X and 49X are robust heavy-duty trucks that excel in their respective domains. The 47X is a proven workhorse for demanding off-road tasks, while the 49X represents a more technologically advanced and versatile option with superior fuel efficiency and enhanced safety features. The choice between the two models ultimately depends on the specific needs and priorities of the businesses and drivers operating them. 

Inventory for X-Series Western Star Trucks is limited, but our Birmingham Freightliner & Western Star dealership in Alabama has a variety of other medium-duty, vocational trucks available onsite. Get in touch with us about your trucking needs – we’re here to help you find and maintain that perfect truck at the right price. 

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