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Peach State Truck Centers

Training Program

Our Dedication to Training

Peach State Truck Centers employs three full-time trainers and has two dedicated training facilities in Pendergrass, Georgia and Austell, Georgia


Refining Our Craft

Peach State Truck Centers offers to their technicians a combination of web based and instructor led training that pertains to the entire vehicle and Detroit Power Train. These programs are Daimler Truck North America developed certifications which include Systems (web based training only), Professional (web based + instructor led training), and Expert (web based + advanced instructor led training) levels.
Periodic updates keep our technicians at the top of continued changes in technology in the Heavy Duty Truck Industry.

Technician in Training


Peach State feels that investing time and money in its employees is always a good choice. With the TNT program, we are able to bring in technicians right out of school and teach them everything they need to know about industry standards on the job.

Many technicians who go through our program have reached career and financial success quickly because of the time their mentor spends with them each week. Clear goals are set when a new technician is hired, so they know exactly what’s expected of them. That’s a win-win for Peach State and new technicians looking to get their foot in the door.

Interested in becoming a Peach State Technician one day?

Connect with our training professionals here.