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401 Daniel Payne Dr, Birmingham, AL

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(205) 322-6695

401 Daniel Payne Dr, Birmingham, AL

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Semi Truck Body Shop

Commercial Truck Repair

One-stop Shop For All Your Minor To Heavy Duty Collision Repairs


We will repair and restore anything, from a bent bumper to a full-blown rebuild, of your semi truck or specialty vehicle.

Semi Truck Body Shop in Birmingham, AL

For All Your Collision & Commercial Truck Repair Needs

  • We come to you!
  • We offer free on-site estimates.
  • We work with all major insurance carriers and adjusters, so you don't have to do all the legwork yourself.

Commercial Truck Body Shop Features

  • 20 bay state-of-the-art semi truck body shop
  • One of the largest commercial truck body shops in the Southeast
  • Axalta Certified refinishing center
  • Axalta computerized color matching system
  • 60' Blowtherm downdraft paint booth with baking capabilities for faster finishing and more reliable coating
  • All-axle tire alignment and balancing system (Hunter ForceMatch HD)
  • Heavy-duty truck alignment with Bee-Line
  • Fabrication work
  • Full-scale wrecks
  • Semi truck frame repair
  • Heavy-duty structural repairs
  • Glass replacement
  • OEM and aftermarket parts with access to our exclusive Parts Distribution Center
  • Vis-Shine Wheel Polisher

Our Bee-Line Semi Truck Frame Straightening Equipment

  • Heavy duty truck chassis straightening and suspension correction system
  • Compatible with trucks, buses, and specialized equipment


Vis Shine Wheel Polisher

  • Polishes your wheels back to a factory OE finish
  • High quality, one-time job required
  • Quick and effecient while keeping the wheels on the truck during the process


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Birmingham, AL

Paint Booth Accommodating 40' to 80' | Hunter Alignment System | Bee-Line Frame Machine | Highly Experienced Techs
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